300 Earth & Water

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In 500 BC, Ionia rebelled against Persia's rule with Greece's support. With this "foreign interference" as an excuse, the Persian empire invaded Greece. The Persians and the Greeks fought fiercely at Marathon, Thermopylae, and Salamis. Against the overwhelming forces of the Persian empire, the Greeks' excellent leaders eventually prevailed over the Persians...

300 Earth and Water is a wargame for two players. One of you controls the Greeks, gathered around the Athenians, and the other controls the Persians, fighting for the hegemony of the eastern Mediterranean. Through all five expeditions, you will aim to control the most cities!

The game engine is a "card driven" system, where you will raise armies and buy cards during production. Cards can be used to play an event or move an army or fleet. Events can provide advantages in battles or interfere with the enemy, but military action is paramount to win. Moreover, each game will change dramatically according the order the events occur.

The rules are simple and the playing time is short, but both Greece and Persia have a wide range of strategies, so victory will be a challenge, no matter which side you take!


Players: 2
Ages: 12+
Runtime: 30m 
Designer: Yasushi Nakaguro