A Mending

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A Mending is a solo story-building and keepsake game about a long walk to visit a dear friend.

Using the story prompt cards, you will consider memories and situations about your dear friend, helping you build a narrative of your friendship and journey. It incorporates map-making and sewing mechanics to create an artifact of your journey.


  • 1 x canvas pouch/carrying case
  • 2 x paper maps
  • 1 x cloth map
  • 1 x story-building card deck
  • 1x gameplay booklet
  • 1x basic pre-threaded sewing kit
  • 1x wooden coin


System: Solo Story-building
Mechanic: Sewing, Map-making
Number of Players: 1 (includes modified rules for 2 players)
Genre: Any
Tone: Light-Hearted, Serious
Themes: Friendship, Journey, Keepsakes
Designer: Shing Yin Khor