Arkham Horror Expansion : Kingsport Horror

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Return once more to H.P. Lovecraft's vision of New England, this time to explore the dream-haunted shores of misty Kingsport, a city where the dimensional barriers are at their thinnest. This place also has powerful guardians, so perhaps the investigators will find someone — or something — willing to help them in their battle against the Ancient One.

Kingsport Horror is an expansion for the Arkham Horror board game and requires a copy of Arkham Horror to play. Arkham Horror can be played in 2–4 hours.


  • The town of Kingsport, on a new board with new rules and locations
  • 8 new investigators
  • 4 new Ancient Ones
  • New protective elements in the form of Guardians
  • 2 new Herald sheets
  • 20 new monster markers
  • Epic Battle cards
  • Over 300 new cards total 


Players: 1–8
Ages: 12+
Designer: Richard Launius, Kevin Wilson