Arkham Horror LCG Expansion Investigator : The Circle Undone

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In the grim and brooding town of Arkham, arcane secrets lie buried with the dead. When sinister forces threaten to unveil these truths, it is up to a brave, foolish few to put a stop to it.

This expansion features 6 investigators and contains all the player cards and customization options originally featured in The Circle Undone cycle.

  • Carolyn Fern: keep your allies’ minds from breaking as the psychologist
  • Joe Diamond: solve supernatural mysteries as the private investigator
  • Preston Fairmont: throw money at your problems as the millionaire
  • Diana Stanley: prevent terrible rituals as the redeemed cultist
  • Rita Young: stay ahead of trouble or run headlong into it as the athlete
  • Marie Lambeau: tap into a mystical bloodline as the entertainer

This is not a standalone product. This expansion can be used to build or enhance investigator decks for any Arkham Horror LCG scenario or campaign.