Breaking Bad Board Game

by Asmodee
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"I am the danger." 

Based on the critically-acclaimed TV series, Breaking Bad: The Board Game thrusts you right into the action of a drug war in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Play as a member of a criminal factions, either teamed with Heisenberg, Los Pollos Hermanos, or the Juarez Cartel and earn a fortune manufacturing Blue Sky and taking out competitors.

Or stand with the Drug Enforcement Administration to take down these criminals and protect the streets of your city. 

Be the one who knocks.


  • 1 Rulebook
  • 4 Faction Boards
  • 8 Character Sheets
  • 33 Heisenberg Cards
  • 33 Los Pollos Hermanos Cards
  • 33 Juarez Cartel Cards
  • 30 DEA Cards
  • 6 Jail Tokens
  • 34 Hit Point Tokens
  • 130 Plastic Blue Sky Crystals


Players: 3-8
Ages: 18+
Designer: Antoine Morfan, Thomas Rofidal