Coloring Book Darth Vader and Family

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Color you must, Jedi and Padawan.

Color the galaxy with Darth Vader as he rules the Empire and keeps an eye on his rebellious kids, Luke and Leia. Featuring artwork carefully adapted from Jeffery Brown’s New York Times bestselling Darth Vader and Son series plus nine new images, here’s a creative coloring adventure for Jedi Masters and young Padawans alike.

Features images to color in of:

  • Darth Vader throwing toddler Luke and Leia a joint birthday party
  • A trip to the petting zoo with little Leia, Luke, Han, and papa Vader
  • Jabba the Hutt hosting a Halloween trick-or-treat
  • Mini golfing through the Death Star with Chewie, little Lando, young Padmé, R2-D2, and a mini AT-AT
  • plus forty-three more!


Designer: Jeffery Brown