Dominion Expansion Dark Ages

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Times have been hard. To save on money, you've moved out of your old castle, and into a luxurious ravine. There's a plague, barbarians, and everyone's illiterate. Still, you are sure that, as always, you will triumph over this adversity, or at least do slightly better than everyone else.

This expansion features:

  • 500 cards
  • 35 new Kingdom cards
  • new bad cards you give to other players (Ruins)
  • new cards to replace starting Estates (Shelters)
  • cards you can only get via specific other cards.
  • themes of trash and upgrading

Dark Ages can also be combined with any other Dominion expansions you have.

This is not a standalone game. A copy of Dominion is required to play.


  • Rulebook
  • 500 Cards


Players: 2-4
Ages: 13+
Designer: Donald X. Vaccarino