Ghost Stories Expansion : Black Secret

by Asmodee
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Wu-Feng has a new incarnation and it is… YOU.

This second expansion for Ghost Stories offers one player to play against the others, as they take on the role of Wu-Feng in opposition to the courageous Taoists who are defending the cursed village.

In addition to his Ghosts, Wu-Feng will also be able to call upon the fearsome Demons to search the Catacombs and also throw Curses on the Taoists.

To face the new threat, the Taoists have the benefit of new weapons, the Bloody Mantras and the Blood Brother ability. Their victory condition remains unchanged: all of Wu-Feng’s incarnations must be exorcised.

This is not a standalone game. A copy of Ghost Stories is required to play.


  • 1 2-Sided Catacomb Board
  • 1 2-Sided Wu-Feng Board
  • 1 Shadow of Wu-Feng Figurine
  • 3 Minor Demon Figurines
  • 21 Bloody Mantra Cards
  • 10 Ghost Cards
  • 5 Incarnation of Wu-Feng Cards
  • 4 Summon Cards
  • 36 Catacomb Tokens
  • 32 Curse Tokens
  • 9 Ladder Figurines
  • 4 Blood Brother Markers
  • 3 Skeleton Tokens
  • 1 Village Tile
  • 1 Active Taoist Marker


Players: 2-5
Ages: 12+
Designer: Antoine Bauza