Heart The City Beneath : Quickstart Edition (Soft Cover)

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Take your first steps into the City Beneath with this streamlined version of the rules for the Heart RPG.

Heart The City Beneath is a game about delving into a nightmare undercity that will give you everything you’ve ever dreamed of – or kill you in the process.

It is a dungeon-crawling, story-forward tabletop RPG from the designers of Spire that focuses on what you as characters have to lose in pursuit of your dreams in the chaotic darkness beneath the world.


  • All the rules you need to play and run games of Heart
  • Five pre-generated characters
  • An adventure, Drowned, which sees you rescuing vital components from a lost settlement to put a stop to coral-boned monsters flooding the Church of the Moon Beneath with salt water


System: Custom 
Mechanic: GM & Dice-Set
Number of Players: 3 - 5
Genre: Fantasy
Tone: Dark
Themes: Underground, Power, Hierarchies, Fear