High Risk

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Take the lead in an expedition during the golden age of mountain climbing!

On your turn, roll the 6 dice in search of the Ascension symbols you’ll need to advance one of your climbers. A Weather symbol isn’t of much use to you, but is much less dangerous than a Danger symbol. If you get nothing but Danger symbols your lead climber will fall, getting further away from the summit.

Will you be satisfied to advance safely but maybe too slowly? Or will you try to move as fast as possible at the risk of falling far down the mountain?

Bring all of your climbers to the summit and victory will be yours.


  • 1 Mountain Board
  • 16 Climber Tokens
  • 6 Dice


Players: 2 - 4
Ages: 8+
Runtime: 20m
Designer: Trevor Benjamin, Brett J. Gilbert