Ladies & Gentlemen

by Asmodee
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Plunge into the heart of the Victorian era ...

... and, as part of a team, take on the roles of highly fashionable ladies and gentlemen.

You will not want to be the laughing stock of London town at the upcoming ball!

In Ladies & Gentlemen, what you do in the game depends on who you are! Make the most of your situation and try – alongside your partner – to be the most fashionable couple of the moment – as well as discredit your opponents!

Ladies & Gentlemen is a highly original, light-hearted group game and a clever mixture of opportunism, tactics and mockery.


  • 5 Shopping Arcade Panels and Stands
  • 5 Ladies Markers
  • 25 Visit Markers
  • 75 Wardrobe Markers
  • 20 Servant Cards
  • 20 Artisan Cards
  • 55 Resource Cards
  • 5 Number Tokens
  • 48 Banknotes
  • 15 Contact Cards
  • 5 Current Market Cards


Players: 4-10
Ages: 14+
Designer: Loïc Lamy