Pro Painted Miniature by Lauren Bilanko | Owlbear Beaky

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Custom painted miniatures by Lauren Bilanko

Inspired by the World of Mira, each miniature is hand painted and one of a kind. 

Beaky the Owlbear

Owlbears live in small communal communities. They hibernate in the winter and prefer to hunt at dawn and dusk. The cubs learn to fly before they can walk. They are independent, but never stray too far from home. Owlbears are peaceful creatures, yet fierce fighters when threatened.

Beaky dwells in the perches of the Menansu Mountains with his family. Their den is quiet and comfortable. Beaky enjoys diving into the lake and hunting fish with his eldest son. 


Species: Owlbear

Height: 2.25 inches

Base: 2 inches

Model: D&D Nolzur's Marvelous : Owlbear

Paint: Reaper Master Series

Year: 2019


Commissions are available. Please contact for more details.