Misspent Youth


Welcome to Misspent Youth: the dystopian sci-fi roleplaying game that’s all about friendship, standing up for yourself, and changing the world.

One of you is The Authority: the person, thing, idea, etc., that’s turning life in the future into a horror movie everyone else is legally forced to watch.

The rest of you are Youthful Offenders (YOs), teenagers who’ve had enough. You and the other YOs in your clique are the only ones who’re going to get off their asses to do anything about the world burning down around them.

Other features of the game:

  • You create the villain and the dystopia together
  • Together you make your group first, then your YOs, so that the characters fit together
  • The game structure guarantees a story with a beginning, middle, and end 
  • An exciting and easy craps-like dice mechanic (the Struggle) makes you choose between sacrifice and selling out 

You want a sci-fi game? You want a game where friendship really matters? You want a game where you go around curbstomping riot-gear-suited drone-people?

This is the game for you.


  • 88 Page Book
  • 113 Page Companion PDF


System: Custom
Mechanic: GM & Dice 
Number of Players: 3 - 5
Genre: Dystopian Science Fiction
Tone: Dark
Themes: Friendship, Standing Up, Changing the World