Night Forest

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Night Forest is a ritual game where you and your friends witness memories on a journey of self-discovery. Wander through the Night Forest by candlelight and form new connections with each encounter.

Night Forest is a roleplaying game that brings people together through the interplay of histories and present experiences, weaving a beautiful web. As you play, encounters cultivate skills of listening, sharing, and creating safe community.

Night Forest is played by a group of 5 or more people, and can be played anywhere with enough room for the group to spread out and wander. The length and tone of the game will be inspired by the size of the space. Play in a park, the woods, a field, or even a warehouse.

Each person involved will take a card and a lit candle, and wander away. On the card is a word that acts a prompt to carefully consider a related memory. When you wander across someone's path, each person will carefully listen to the other's memory before trading cards. Once you receive your card once more, the game ends, and you will blow out your candle. 


  • 1 Hand Printed Bag
  • 45 Tarot Sized Cards
  • 10 Candles (one matchbook and candle required per player)


System: Custom
Mechanic: Cards
Number of Players: 5+
Tone: Serious
Themes: Memory, Togetherness, Reflection, Self Discovery