Night Witches Cards

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This high quality deck of cards is an excellent supplement for a game of Night Witches.

Each deck includes a set of quick advancement cards with fictional prompts that make running a one-shot even easier.

In addition there are portrait cards and medal cards, both of which can be used as visual props in play.

Included in this supplement are:

  •  37 Portrait Cards - Custom black and white illustration of airwoman created by Claudia Cangini used to represent player or non-player characters in the Regiment
  • 27 Medals Cards - Pictures of actual Soviet medals, complete with citation script on the back. Hand them out to players as they earn the awards
  • 30 Advancement Cards - Designed to make running a one-shot game easier to set up by quickly advancing play past the starting duty stations
  • 12 Airplane Cards - Illustrations of planes and targets for demonstrating formations and maneuvers as well for assigning navigators and pilots
  • 1 Articles Card - A handy reference for the text of Articles 58 and 133, so that you'll know when you're about to earn the attention of the Regimental Politruk

 This is not a standalone game. A copy of Night Witches is required to play.


  • 109 Full-Color Standard-Sized Cards