NPC Portraits Deck : Fantasy 2

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Need a quick NPC? Flip through a few of these NPC cards and you're sure to find an NPC that fits the situation.

All the common races are represented. Many of the NPCs are low level, but they range from level 1 to 17. Of course you're also free to change a character's background to fit the adventure. Or use them as "face" cards and develop your own background, personality and other details from scratch.

  • Portrait of an NPC on one side, generic D&D stats on the other side
  • Descriptions of character's background and personality, with story hooks
  • The cards are a deck of 55 cards
    • 54 NPC cards and one cover/checklist card

The cards focus on each character's background and personality. The few stats used (class, race, level, alignment, ability scores, armor class and hit points) are familiar to most game masters. The stats are easy to convert to another system in just a few minutes or even as a game is played.