Oriflamme Ablaze

by StudioH
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The time for petty intrigues is over, war is declared, now truly nothing will stop you in your race to the throne... 

The much awaited expansion to the 2020 French Game of the Year Oriflamme!

Oriflamme Ablaze introduces 11 new cards with powerful and synergistic abilities! Oriflamme Ablaze is fully playable as a stand-alone or as an expansion for the base game for endless replayability and combinations.

Oriflamme is a fast, tactical and very interactive card game in a dark fantasy atmosphere.

The King has died without an heir and feuding families now attempt to seize power through schemes, cunning and... blood! Opportunism, bluffing, clever card combinations and a pinch of backstabbing will be key to secure your family’s claim and steal the crown!


Players: 3 - 5
Ages: 10+
Runtime: 15 - 30m 
Designer: Adrien Hesling, Axel Hesling