Pandemic The Cure Expansion : Experimental Meds

by Z-Man
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You’ve traveled the world, collected disease samples, and researched cures. But new challenges are emerging.

The Experimental Meds super-expansion builds on the Pandemic: The Cure dice-based game of curing diseases.

Adapt to the escalating situation as a fifth purple disease with a unique set of dice behaves in unpredictable ways

Counter this threat with one of the eight new roles. Each role brings its own game altering abilities and dice to the table, offering even more varied approaches to your disease-fighting efforts. Combined with the eleven new event cards, Experimental Meds provides tools to handle any threat.

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  • Rulebook
  • 8 Role Cards
  • 40 Player Dice
  • 11 Event Cards
  • 3 Blank Event Cards
  • 12 Purple Infection Dice
  • 11 Hot Zone Dice
  • 5 Hot Zone Reference Cards
  • 1 Purple Cured Diseases Card
  • 1 Mutation Reference Card
  • 1 Sticker Sheet


Players: 2-5
Ages: 8+
Designer: Matt Leacock, Tom Lehmann