Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Mummy's Mask

by Paizo
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Many of the lost treasures and secrets of Osirion are now emerging—some more malign than others. Can your group of heroes brave terrible guardians, foul cults, and the burning sands of the desert to stop the rebirth of an ancient tyrant?

This complete cooperative strategy game pits 1 to 4 heroes against the monsters, curses, and traps of the Mummy's Mask Adventure Path.

Choose your character's class; build a deck of equipment, magic, and allies; and explore dangerous locations as you journey through an exciting fantasy tale.

As your adventures continue, your characters add unique gear and awesome magic to their decks as they gain incredible powers, all of which they'll need to challenge more and more powerful threats.


  • 500 Cards 
  • The Half-Dead City Adventure Deck
  • A Complete Eet of 5 Polyhedral Dice


Players: 1 - 4
Ages: 13+
Runtime: 2h
Designers: Chad Brown, Tanis O'Connor, Paul Peterson, Keith Richmond, Mike Selinker, Liz Spain, Gaby Weidling