Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Skulls and Shackles : 5 The Price of Infamy

by Paizo
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The whole of the Shackles is thrust into danger by a dastardly invasion plan. You'll need to pull out all the stops to rally the defense of your home. Discover the betrayal behind the impending invasion with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: The Price of Infamy Adventure Deck.

This 110-card expansion to the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game includes new locations, monsters, villains, and more, as well as rare loot cards and 5 new scenarios that make up the complete Price of Infamy adventure.

Continue your character's legend with the The Price of Infamy!


  • 110 Cards


Players: 1 - 6
Ages: 10+
Runtime: 1.5h
Designer: Chad Brown, Tanis O'Connor, Paul Peterson, Mike Selinker, Gaby Weidling