Puerto Rico

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Which roles will you play in the new world? Will you own the most prosperous plantations? Will you build the most valuable buildings?

You have but one goal: gain respect and achieve prosperity!

In Puerto Rico, players assume the roles of colonial governors. The aim of the game is to amass victory points by shipping goods to Europe or by constructing buildings.

Each player will track their progress on a separate board, using up spaces for city buildings, plantations, and resources. You and the other players will have to share the ships in which your goods will travel.


  • 5 Individual Player Boards
  • 1 Governor Card
  • 8 Role Cards
  • 1 Gameboard
  • 49 Building Tiles
  • 54 Doubloons
  • 58 Island Tiles
  • 1 Colonist Ship
  • 100 Colonists
  • 1 Trading House
  • 50 Goods
  • 5 Cargo Ships
  • 50 Victory Point Chips
  • Rule Booklet


Players: 2-5
Ages: 12+
Designer: Andreas Seyfarth