The Stifling Dark

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The Stifling Dark is a one-vs-many hidden movement horror board game with an innovative line-of-sight mechanic.

One player assumes the role of the Adversary, whose goal is to prevent the other players (the Investigators) from escaping. The Investigators move around the board looking for evidence of the paranormal, using their flashlights to reveal tokens hidden on the Adversary's map. With a variety of Investigators and Adversaries to choose from, each playthrough is unique!

As an Investigator, you must decide whether you want to stick together and watch your fellow Investigators' backs or split up and race for the exit. Will you try to find a way to sneak out, or will you take the fight to the Adversary?


  • 2 Rulebooks
  • 1 Double-sided Game Board
  • 1 Double-sided Mini-map
  • 4 Small Flashlight Templates
  • 14 Player Boards
  • 10 Player Aids
  • 6 Dice (5 Custom)
  • 141 Full-size Cards
  • 55 Mini Cards
  • 225 Tokens
  • 17 Player Standees
  • 1 Adversary Screen
  • 1 Round Tracker


Players: 2-5
Ages: 14+
Runtime: 25min/person
Designer: Jeremy Geenen, Ethan Janssen, Matt Rayford
Illustrator: Cory Freeman, Jusith Gastell, Márton Gyula Kiss, Allan Harwood