Terraforming Mars Expansion : Venus Next

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Terraforming Mars: Venus Next, an expansion to the hit game Terraforming Mars, has players building flying cities and making the atmosphere more hospitable on the deadly planet Venus.

In Venus Next, the World Government chooses to also fund the terraforming of Venus. This expansion adds:

  • 50 project cards
  • 5 corporations
  • the new floater resource
  • a new milestone
  • a new award
  • a new tag
  • a new terraforming parameter

This is not a standalone game. A copy of Terraforming Mars is required to play.


  • 49 Project Cards
  • 5 Corporation Cards
  • Venus Game Board
  • Venus Scale Marker
  • 1 Milestone Tile
  • 1 Award Tile
  • 1 Rules Sheet


Players: 1 - 5
Ages: 12+
Runtime: 90m - 2h
Designer: Jacob Fryxelius