The Seed

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Manifestus Omnivorous

1. All books are adventures.
2. The adventures must be system-agnostic.
3. The adventures must take place on Earth.
4. The adventures can only have one location.
5. The adventures can only have one monster.
6. The adventures must include saprophagy or osteophagy.
7. The adventures must include a voracious eater.
8. The adventures must have less than 6,666 words.
9. The adventures can only be in two colours.
The lost rule:
10. The adventures cannot have good taste.

The Seed

This adventure assumes a setting of the real world in the near-modern period, somewhere between 1625 to 1725, but there’s nothing that can’t be changed to fit a different milieu. The adventure also assumes a setting without 24-hour news, Twitter, and government disaster response teams; the more modern you get, the more aware of events like the Seed the world as a whole becomes, so bear that in mind. If you need to have agents of Phi Orange running around in suits and sunglasses covering things up, then so be it.”

This RPG delivers a tasty twist. The adventure is set on EARTH – very obviously so. And, yes, the LOCATION is very much ordinary – a remote village called Midwich. But, the one MONSTER is unlike anything you’ve seen: a giant alien terraforming bio-machine that is simply standing in the middle of town, EATING AWAY at the world and spitting out a new environment.

Inspired by the likes of the fungal realm in Star Trek and the miasma in Miyazaki’s Nausicaa, the Seed is a pulpy tongue-in-cheek module ready to be plugged in into any existing campaign.

The Seed is a system-agnostic module for use with any traditional roleplaying game. 


System: Original
Mechanic: GM
Number of Players: 3 - 6
Genre: Modern, Sci-Fi
Tone: Serious
Themes: Saving the world, consumption