The Sprawl

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The future. Dark. Dirty. Dangerous. You’re loners, punks and criminals, marginalised by society through birth, choice or violence. Parasites, living symbiotic existences in the shadows cast by the megacorporations. 

For the corps, espionage, theft, kidnapping and murder are just part of corporate structure. For you though, they’re rungs on the slippery ladder out of this hellhole. Play your cards right and you’ll be set: reputation, money, credibility. But one false step and they’ll take away everything.

Tread carefully. There’s plenty more like you out there in The Sprawl.

The Sprawl is a game of mission-based action in a gritty neon-and-chrome Cyberpunk future.

You are the extended assets of vast multinational corporations, operating in the criminal underground, and performing the tasks that those multinationals can’t do — or can’t be seen to do. You are deniable, professional and — ultimately — disposable.


System: Powered by the Apocalypse
Mechanic: GM, Dice
Players: 3 - 5
Genre: Science Fiction, Modern / Contemporary - Cyperpunk
Tone: Dark
Themes: Dystopia, Survival, Corruption