Throw Throw Burrito

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A dodgeball card game from the creators of Exploding Kittens!

Collect cards. Play your hand. Throw things at your friends.

Place the burritos on the table and draw your cards, keeping them a secret. Find three of a kind to earn points. If someone plays Burrito Cards - the battle is on! If you hit your friends with the squishy burrito, you can steal their points!

Some of the cards bring the entire table into a war, others pit one player versus another in a duel. 

A fast, fun, chaotic game guaranteed to create laughter!


  • 120 Cards
  • 7 Tokens
  • 2 Foam Burritos


Players: 2 - 6
Ages: 7+
Runtime: 15m
Designer: Matthew Inman, Elan Lee, Brian S. Spence