T.I.M.E. Stories Expansion : A Prophecy of Dragons

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Something has gone wrong. The time stream has altered, and the Middle Ages aren't what they used to be.

It's up to you to repair the temporal fault in A Prophecy of Dragons, the second expansion to T.I.M.E. Stories.

These Middle Ages aren't like those you would have studied in your history classes; they're permeated by magic, and that magic can be used against you.

A Prophecy of Dragons turns history on its head, reminding you that in T.I.M.E. Stories you can be anyone, anywhere, and at any time.

This is not a standalone game. The base game of T.I.M.E. Stories is required to play.


  • 209 Cards


Players: 2-4
Ages: 12+
Designer: Manuel Rozoy