Spotlight March 2021 | Board Game BBQ

Spotlight March 2021 | Board Game BBQ

The weather is warming, and many of us are getting vaccinated, so our social calendars are slowly but surely growing. What better way to celebrate, than with a time honored tradition - the Twenty Sided Board Game Barbeque! Read on for delicious food-inspired games to pair with your favorite grilled delicacies at a socially distanced barbecue!

Ramen Fury

If you love Sushi Go, but have a craving for sabotage, Ramen Fury is the game you need to add into your diet. A fun and fast game of sabotage, Ramen Fury will have you racing to cook pots of ramen, making sure your bowls are teeming with flavor, protein, and garnishes. Other players can sabotage you by throwing peppers and other ingredients your way, forcing you to start your recipe over from scratch!

Ramen Fury is an easy to learn game great for up to five ramen enthusiasts and a Twenty Sided favorite for two players.

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is a light snack of a simple party game, perfect for any potluck.

On your turn, place a card and say the next word in the phrase taco cat goat cheese pizza. If your card matches the spoken phrase, race to slap the cards - the last one to slap (or the person who goes to slap when it isn’t the right time) has to take the pile! Special cards such as “narwhal” and “groundhog” trigger special actions, making this silly game prime for laughter and making memories.

Tofu Kingdom

Give the vegans at your barbecue the royal treatment with the fun and fast Tofu Kingdom! Tofu Kingdom joins the ranks of other social deduction games where you and your friends take on different roles and bluff your way to the crown.

Prince Mochi is desperately looking for his princess, asking each person who they are and who they are sitting next to. However, not everyone wants the Prince to find true love. A convoluted web of crushes and a conniving Queen add an element of deception as each person decides whether or not to mislead poor Mochi!

Tofu Kingdom stands out for its light-hearted themes and quick gameplay, a perfect game where everyone gets a chance to wear the crown and lie to their friends.

Guju Guju

Fight for your right to snack as you please with Guju Guju! A bushel of fruits strewn before you, each person takes turns flipping over a card and guessing which fruit they have. When you are correct, everyone races to cover up all of the visible cards with that fruit! The first player to get rid of their cards wins!

Guju Guju is a quick game of fast thinking and even quicker actions. Perfectly served as a family game or a fast and silly party game. 

Surrealist Dinner Party

Elevate your brunch conversation and practice dinner party gossip with Surrealist Dinner Party! In this gorgeously illustrated game, you and other players act as hosts for distinguished guests, making sure to fulfil their appetites of food, drink, and conversation. Each course will offer you more opportunities to fulfil appetites, and starting drama can block your opponents from keeping their guests well fed.

Surrealist Dinner Party is easy to learn and very beautifully designed, offering multiple gameplay modes - add character special abilities and special scoring to level up the challenge - to meet any appetite!

Bonus : Bananagrams 

All these food puns are starting to peel a little redundant, but we wanted to include Bananagrams as a light snack! Create crosswords of letter tiles, quickly grabbing a new tile every time you have used all of your letters. Once there are less tiles than there are people, be the first person to create a crossword of all of your letters! Bananagrams is a great game for any gamer that spells out Fun!

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