Spotlight April 2021 | Spring Fling Picnic

Spotlight April 2021 | Spring Fling Picnic

Spread out a Patchwork quilt and Vote on which snacks will make the cut, because with the weather warming up, a picnic is the perfect way to kick off spring! Wear a Vintage dress and Struggle for a spot on Prospect Park, Master the gift of gab, and spread Jam on your toast. The Key to a great picnic isn’t the weather outside, but the sunshine within... and some great games!

Read on for our staff picks for small games for a spring picnic!


This two player tile placement game is a new classic for one on one play! In Patchwork, draft pieces of fabric, cleverly place buttons, and time out your actions to get the most points. Do not underestimate this puzzle game, there is enough strategy to last all season. 

But the Vote

Keep it local with this Brooklyn-based indie game, Buy the Vote! In this bidding game, you and your friends act as presidential candidates shamelessly buying electoral votes by outbidding each other. It only takes 3 minutes to learn the game and only 15 minutes to win the election!


Who knew antique dealing could be so competitive? Take turns acquiring new treasures and creating collections of like items, but be wary of other dealers who will happily take your most valuable cards right from under you. Vintage is travel friendly and perfect for a day in the park!

Struggle for Catan

Catan is one of the most beloved games of all time, but sometimes you want to play with less people in less time. Struggle for Catan captures the essence of Catan but condenses it into a 2 to 4 player card game, an ideal game for on the go. 

Master Word

Master Word is one of the latest cooperative games to prove you don’t need to compete to have fun! In this game, players try to guess a word through the process of elimination, putting their heads together to create hints for themselves, while the guide confirms clues as they get closer. Work together to find the right word!

Letter Jam

From the studio that brought you Codenames, Letter Jam offers a unique, cooperative experience. Each player has a letter in front of them they cannot see. All players will create words using the letters they can see and try to determine what letter they have based on other player’s clues! A tasty combination of wordplay, deduction, and teamwork!


Keyforge is world’s first unique deck game, from the creators of Magic the Gathering! Grab a deck and play against your friends - each deck is completely one of a kind! With three sets out, the sky is the limit and the battles in this artificial world will test your cunning and creativity!

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