Abstract Dungeon

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A dwarven princess on a quest to reclaim her throne.

A brave but dim warrior who decides to become a wizard after finding a wand with a mind of its own.

A talking monkey with a magical bubble pipe who searches for the banana of gold.

You can tell all of these stories and many more when you play Abstract Dungeon. Abstract Dungeon is quick and simple roleplaying game built around a resource spending mechanic. It gives you control over whether and how your character overcome obstacles in your path. The question is not whether you make your roll, but whether you are willing to pay the price.

The biggest difference between Abstract Dungeon and other roleplaying games is that you roll your all your dice at the start or the adventure, then spend your dice to overcome challenges. You can always win, provided you are willing to spend the resources.

You then need to describe how you overcame the challenge based on the source of the die you spent. If you spend a die from your Toughness pool, it could represent anything from punching a goblin in the face to holding your liquor, while spending a die from Intellect could represent casting a spell or presenting a logical argument.

The Abstract Dungeon core rulebook contains everything you need to play including:

  • Character creation 
  • Rules to play 
  • GM advice 
  • Optional rules 
  • Magic items 
  • Monsters 
  • Morvan's Hollow, a sample setting 
  • Three sample adventures: The Forest Dark, The Broken Tower, and The Orcish Baker. 


System: Custom
Mechanic: GM & Dice 
Number of Players: 3 - 5
Genre: Fantasy
Tone: Serious
Themes: Adventures, Exploration, Heroism