Adventure Game in Need of Translation

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Decipher this strange and unusual adventure game!

"My name is Salvador Moss. Sorcerer Emeritas of the College of Friends, Sellsword of Melsonia and Befouler of Ponds."

"Sometime this last week whilst sphere-hopping I stumbled upon this artifact, an illustrated pamphlet, or 'zyne'-- though I cannot parse the words written within. It appears to be a manual of some kind? It greatly resembles the type of adventure-dice games I've seen played in taverns across Melsonia-- and even appears to have a reference to the gentle "Fortle," a beast about which I am currently writing a travelogue."

"If anyone across the spheres has knowledge of the language here or the game's proper title and has the time and energy to translate the text it would be greatly appreciated. It looks fun and I would love to play it."