Catacombs Expansion : Wyverns of Wylemuir

Catacombs Expansion : Wyverns of Wylemuir

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Wyverns of Wylemuir is an expansion that enables players to explore the remote land of Wylemuir and ride the Wyverns that live there.

This set features:

  • New items
  • New spells
  • New rooms
  • 2 new Catacomb Lords
  • Four new heroes from Wylemuir are included:
    • the Warrior Maiden
    • Blind Guardian
    • Goblin Captain
    • Harbinger

This is not an standalone game. A copy of Catacombs is required to play.


  • 1 Double-Sided Game Board
  • 25 Wooden Pieces
  • 56 Cards


Players: 2 - 8
Ages: 14+
Runtime: 30m - 1h
Designer: Aron West

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