Crime Scene Moscow 1989

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Crime Scene Moscow sets you up at the scene of a horrendous crime. A body is found in the toilets of a dingy Moscow nightclub. Who is he and how did he end up here?

Carry out an investigation in the crumbling ruins of Soviet power, consumed by corruption. Here, everyone is keeping secrets and telling lies, so keep your eyes open and your mind clear.

Follow the story and act as a detective:

  • Collect Evidence
  • Make Connections
  • Figure Out who Is behind it all
With no set time limit, take your time and throw yourself into the investigation.

You can play either solo or as a team.


  • 1 Crime Scene image
  • 1 Story Booklet
  • 64 Cards
  • Game Guide


Players: 1+
Ages: 18+
Runtime: 2+ hours
Designer: Markku Heljakka, Petter Ilander, Richard Heayes