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EPOCH is a roleplaying game of character-driven survival horror. The goal is to deliver a tense and scary experience in a single game session.

EPOCH is a game of survival horror, and much like a movie, not all of the characters can expect to survive until the final scene. Unlike many other games, EPOCH players have complete control over the fate of the characters. They may know the rules of the horror genre, but who becomes a victim, and how, is different every time.

EPOCH rewards interesting character play with increased chances of character survival. Players are not just the protagonists, but also act as the audience who hold the fate of all the characters in their hands. Using a simple, flexible, character creation method, players shape their back story to reveal interesting facts and surprising twists.

EPOCH assumes a high level of character competence. Skills and abilities are streamlined, placing the focus back on the characters’ story and the personal impact of the horror. But victory is never assured; evil may prevail, and the true cost of the horror is never fully revealed until the final credits roll.

What's Inside

  • Strategies and techniques to overcome main challenges of running a genuinely tense and suspenseful horror game
  • Simple, card-based mechanics that let the players make the crucial decisions about the fate of the characters
  • Three complete scenarios, each reflecting a different style of horror movie, intended to be run in a single session of play


System: Custom
Mechanic: GM & Cards
Number of Players: 4 - 6
Genre: Horror
Tone: Dark
Themes: Fear, Survival


Printer Friendly Rules Cards
One Page Game Summary
GM Pre-Game Checklist - a step by step guide to explaining Epoch to new players
Blank Game Run Sheet