Fate Worlds : Vol. 2 Worlds in Shadow

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Flexible RPG systems like Fate Core are terrific if you have the time and energy to put into building a world. But sometimes extensive prep just isn’t feasible. The good news? You can still experience the Fate awesomeness with the help of the Fate Worlds expansion.

Fate Worlds Volume One: Worlds on Fire is the first in a two-volume set. In Worlds on Fire, you get six rich story settings. Each setting includes custom mechanics, NPCs, and story elements — all ready to go using the system provided in Fate Core.

We’ve got you covered regardless of your flavor of RPG choice. Be a knight in a giant robot suit, or get on the grift. Fight off alien invaders in the court of Louis XV, or indulge your time travel fantasies.

Whether you stick with one world or go on a grand tour, Fate Worlds will provide everything you need to develop your Fate Core adventure except the snacks.

Fate Worlds. All the worlds. Your stage.

Worlds in Shadows includes

  • CrimeWorld by John Rogers
  • Timeworks by Mark Diaz Truman
  • The Ellis Affair by Lisa Steele
  • No Exit by Shoshana Kessock
  • Court/Ship by J.R. Blackwell
  • Camelot Trigger by Robert Wieland


System: Fate Core 
Mechanic: GM & Dice 
Number of Players: 3 - 6
Genre: Various
Tone: Various
Themes: Various