Fiasco 11 Playset Anthology Vol 2
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Fiasco 11 Playset Anthology Vol 2

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If the rules of Fiasco are the gun, a good playset is the bullet that makes it a stupid and dangerous object. You’ll find a baker’s dozen of dumb situations and criminal folly, all tied together with an exclusive playset written by Fiasco designer Jason Morningstar.

The playset is the still-beating-but-stolen-by-organleggers heart of Fiasco, and inside this first Anthology volume you’ll find thirteen sterling examples of the form—twelve that held a place of honor as a Playset of the Month, and an extra one written by Jason Morningstar specifically to accompany them here.

Bonus Playset: Pen Show

Pen Show is exactly what is says on the tin— a deep, misguided, and weirdly violent dive into the low-stakes world of fine fountain pens. It’s a Fiasco like no other, whether you are rocking a Mont Blanc Meisterstück or a rusty shovel.

This Playset Anthology is not a complete game! You need Fiasco to enjoy these playsets.


  • 13 Playsets


Players: 3-5
Designer: Jason Morningstar

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