Long Shot : The Dice Game

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UPC: 859094005343

Press your luck as the action unfolds in this horse racing game! Buy horses, place your bets and influence the race by utilizing special abilities. Then roll the dice to determine each horse's movement. There are multiple ways to earn money, so rack up your earnings to win the game! Will you play it safe or risk it big on a long shot?


  • 1 Track Board
  • 8 Players Sheets
  • 8 Horse Tokens
  • 8 Dry Erase Markers
  • 8 Starting Cards
  • 24 Horse Cards
  • 1 Horse Die
  • 1 Movement Die
  • 1 Solo Sheet


Players: 1-8
Ages: 14+
Runtime: 25m
Designer: Chris Handy
Illustrator: Clau Souza