Mars Colony (2-player)

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Political power and an isolated populace? Scandal never seemed so appealing.

The colony was created by a coalition of Earth governments that advertised the project as a multi-national utopia. Now, after years of incompetence and disaster, the colony is dying. You have been nominated to turn things around. While you were a celebrated expert on Earth, Mars is a different environment entirely. Good luck…

Mars Colony is a roleplaying game designed specifically for two players. One will take on the role of the colony’s appointed “savior,” while the other will be responsible for all the various problems that are plaguing the citizens of Mars, protagonist versus antagonist

As the game progresses, the savior will face a constant struggle between competence and failure, honesty and deception. It is a game custom built to explore the cult-of-personality present in modern-day politics, but playable in the time it takes to watch a long movie.


System: Custom
Mechanic: GM-less & Dice 
Number of Players: 2
Genre: Sci-Fi
Tone: Serious

Themes: Political Intrigue, Cult-of-Personality, Progress


Character Worksheet
Organization Worksheet