Mazes RPG (2020) Full Book Set

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Dangerous and deadly delving in dark dungeons. A thoroughly modern take on the original RPG of dragons, dice, and dungeons!

Mazes is a fresh take on the classic role-playing game of daring adventurers going down into dangerous dungeons. Choose your die. Choose your class. And go down into the dungeon to find fabulous treasures and glory!

Mazes is elegant, simple, and fast. It is designed to be easy to learn, easy to teach, and ready to play with little prep time. Designed for episodic play, Mazes is perfect for one-shots and convention play. A perfect introduction to those new to Role-Playing, as well a great excuse for grognards to get back into the dungeon!

The Polymorph system used in Mazes is a distillation and reformulation of the classic Dungeon Delve. It owes as much to Dungeons and Dragons and the games of the late 70s, as it does to their modern Old School Revival games, as well as to the modern RPGs like Torchbearer and Dungeon World.


System: Polymorph
Mechanic: Storyteller & Dice 
Number of Players: 3 - 6
Genre: Fantasy
Tone: Various
Themes: Exploration, Teamwork, Glory


Character Sheets
Character Initiative Cards
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