Mini - D&D Icons of the Realms : The Wild Beyond The Witchlight

by Wizkids
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This Wild Beyond The Witchlight booster provides you with whimsical and wicked creatures and characters that will help bring your Feywild adventure to life!

Once every eight years, the fantastic Witchlight Carnival touches down on your world, bringing joy to one settlement after the next. Its owners, Mister Witch and Mister Light, know how to put on a good show. But there’s more to this magical extravaganza than meets the eye!

The carnival is a gateway to a fantastic Feywild domain unlike anything found on the Material Plane. Time has not been kind to this realm, however, and dark days lie ahead unless someone can thwart the dastardly schemes of the Hourglass Coven. 


The perfect accessory for any tabletop roleplaying game, WizKids lead the industry with their high-quality, detailed miniatures.


  • 3 Small or Medium minis
  • 1 Huge or Large mini