Monsters and Other Childish Things (Pocket Edition)

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Monsters are real. You know because you have one. He’s more fun and way tougher than all the other kids’ monsters. Try not to let him eat your friends.

Monsters and Other Childish Things is perfect for new gamers young and old, and for all gamers who like a little humor with their horror and a few scares with their laughs.

Players take the roles of ordinary kids whose best friends are slavering monstrosities from beyond time and space — and that’s already enough to get them in all kinds of trouble with parents, school principals, friends, the Monster Investigation Bureau, mad science teachers, wannabe wizards, you name it.

Can you make it through a school day without having to explain why your monster ate the substitute teacher? We’ll soon find out.


System: Modified One-Roll System 
Mechanic: Dice, pool of 10-Sided Dice
Genre: Modern / Contemporary with Sci Fi and Fantasy Elements
Tone: Silly, Light Hearted, Mild Horror
Theme: Friendship, Bravery