Posthuman Pathways

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We are transforming into beings both less and more than human.

In this strange new world, you'll ask wondrous questions and discover terrifying answers. Every question is a path leading to an increasingly alien future.

How will science and technology transform our society, and will it be worth the cost?
What price will you pay to transcend the human condition?
Will you be ready when tomorrow comes?

Posthuman Pathways is a one-shot roleplaying game that focuses exploring what individuals are willing to sacrifice in the name of progress. It explores the themes of transhumanism, seen through the eyes of the player characters during their life times.

During play, you explore how the world is transforming and what impacts that has on the people within it. You can play this game multiple times to explore different potential futures. This game is both diceless and gmless, designed for three people to play over a single 3-4 hour session.

Discover what your character really cares for and what they will sacrifice. Force your fellow players to make the hard choices and discover who their own characters really are.


System: Custom
Mechanic: GM-less, Dice-Less
Players: 3
Genre: Science Fiction
Tone: Serious, Dark
Theme: Transhumanism, Progress, Sacrifice