Sidereal Confluence Expansion : Bifurcation

by Wizkids
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An expansion for Sidereal Confluence, Bifurcation includes variations on each of the nine original species, providing entirely new mechanisms, new strategies, and new avenues for negotiation! These variants represent different aspects or factions within their societies, and include new rules and starting cards that dramatically change each species play style. The variants are more interactive than the base game factions, leading to more interesting trades and greater potential for creativity.

New factions include:

  • Deep Unity has a constantly shifting economy based on dice rolls, that rewards agility between different economic options.
  • Caylion Collaborative introduce voting on different projects to activate, providing a new aspect to negotiations, and requiring a charismatic player
  • Yengii Jii offer constraints to other players that limit their abilities, but make them rich in return, offering a new challenge for players who can creatively see strength in weakness.

This is not a standalone game. A copy of Sidereal Confluence required to play (Original or Remastered Version).


  • 100+ Cards
  • 100+ Species Tokens
  • 10 Species Boards
  • 9 Player Screens
  • 4 Species Tiles & Reference
  • 3 Deep Unity Dice
  • 1 Colony Bid Track Board
  • 1 Kjasjavikalimm Donations Board
  • 23 “x3” Resource Tokens
  • 17 Voting Tokens