Star Wars Imperial Assault Expansion : Return to Hoth

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Return to Hoth is a new expansion for Imperial Assault, offering plenty of new content for the campaign and skirmish games.

A new full-length campaign allows the Rebel heroes to take up a new story in the aftermath of the Battle of Hoth, while new rules for four-player skirmish games invite you to play a massive, multi-fronted battle.

Return to Hoth changes your games of Imperial Assault forever!

This is not a standalone game. A copy of Imperial Assault is required to play.


  • 37 Double-sided Terrain Tiles
  • 16 Sculpted Plastic Figures 
  • Cards for Both Campaigns and Skirmishes


Players: 2 – 5
Ages: 14+
Runtime: 1 – 2
Designer: Samuel Bailey, Justin Kemppainen, Steven Kimball, Todd Michlitsch, Paul Winchester, Jonathan Ying