The Metagame

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The Metagame is the ultimate cure for awkward silences. It sparks conversation about everything from high art to trashy entertainment and everything in­ between.

It's not about knowing facts — it's about having opinions and sharing them with your friends.

There are 7 different games that require you to use opinion cards (which ask questions like "which feels like first love?" or "Which is a sign of the apocalypse card?") and culture cards that feature civilization's greatest achievements, such as the Mona Lisa... or Ms. PacMan.

Race to arrange culture cards in chronological order. Or try to guess which card your opponent will use to answer the Opinion Card in play. Or play it like Cards Against Humanity, with each player submitting a culture card to answer the opinion in play! There's a game for every group!

With multiple ways to play and nothing but your opinions needed, The Metagame is a perfect for your next party or game night. 


  • 200 Culture Cards
  • 100 Opinion Cards
  • 7 Unique Games


Players: 2 - 50
Ages: 17+
Runtime: 10m
Designer: Colleen Macklin, John Sharp, Eric Zimmerman


Think Alike Gameplay
What the What? Gameplay 
Get a Clue Gameplay
Special Occasion Gameplay