The Warren Predator Cards

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This deck of high quality cards is a supplement for The Warren roleplaying game.

Each deck includes 51 premium, full-color cards with rounded corners and a glossy finish which look great on the table during the game.

31 Move Cards - Each of these cards includes one of the character moves, so that when players choose them during the game, they can have the descriptions easily in hand.

20 Predator Cards - each of these cards includes a predator, threat, and non-player characters for the GM to use during the game. Together, these cards are essentially another World setting that you can use in play. These cards include illustrations by Claudia Cangini, the artist who created the Night Witches portraits.

This is not a standalone game. A copy of The Warren is required to play.


    System: Modified Powered by the Apocalypse 
    Mechanic: GM & Dice
    Number of Players: 3 - 5
    Genre: Fantasy
    Tone: Serious
    Themes: Survival, Community