Turbo Sleuth

by Wizkids
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Nab the culprit before time runs out!

Turbo Sleuth is a puzzle speed solving game. Compete simultaneously to find the solution!

  • Take the Case: Choose one of 5 cases to solve, with dozens of possible solutions depending on which cards are drawn!
  • Survey the Scene: Search quickly for the right clues! Some might look right at first glance, but will lead you astray…
  • Accuse the Culprit: Lock in your answer fast to solve the mystery, and score the most points!

Only the first few players may attempt to solve the case, but a rush to a hasty wrong judgement, and the murderer will up the ante for the next round! 

With multiple cards and dozens of solutions, you can replay the five cases to see how differently things shake out each time!


  • 16 Score Tokens
  • 16 Answer Cards
  • 8 Clue Cards
  • 1 Rulebook


Players: 2 - 8
Ages: 10+
Runtime: 20m 
Designer: Daniel Lee Yingjie