Unlock! Squeek & Sausage

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Unlock! Squeek & Sausage is a playful, cartoon-inspired race to stop the mad Professor Noside from destroying the world! In your attempt to thwart his plot, the evil genius has caught you in a trap, and you can't stop him until you've found a way out.

Can you escape and foil his plot before the clock hits zero? 

  • Work through a deck of sixty cards as a team
  • Search for clues
  • Combine objects
  • Solve puzzles

Unlock! games are cooperative card games inspired by Escape Rooms. Escape rooms are puzzle adventures you need to solve in less than 60 minutes. Live these experiences at home around your table!

Difficulty Level: 2/3 (Medium)

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  • Rulebook
  • 10 Card Tutorial
  • 66 Cards 


Players: 1-6
Ages: 10+
Designer: Alice Carroll