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If you like games of bluffing and deception, such as Bang and Mafia, Werewolf is the game for you!

There are 4 main roles in Werewolf: a moderator, a doctor, a seer, and the werewolves. Everyone else plays villagers.

The game begins "at night". While everyone closes their eyes three things happen: the werewolves decide who to kill; the doctor decides who they'd like to heal; and the seer points at someone and the moderator confirms or denies whether or not they are a werewolf.

During the "morning", the moderator reveals who was killed. Everyone works together trying to choose who to kill, and the werewolves do whatever is necessary to stay alive. 

The game continues until the werewolves have killed most of the villagers or the villagers have killed the werewolves.

This party game will ask you to lie and bluff to stay alive


  • 20 Villagers
  • 10 Werewolves
  • 8 Wild Cards
  • 2 Seers
  • 2 Doctors
  • 2 Moderators
  • 2 Village Drunks
  • 2 Witches
  • 2 Alpha Werewolves


Players: 7-35
Ages: 8+

How to Play